Updated as of December 5, 2015

OVNIO is a cable TV network that allows people all over the world to watch cable channels of their choice via the internet. Our business model is very simple: Stream lifestyle channels to as many internet connected devices globally. This Q&A will assist you in making a valuable decision regarding partnering with OVNIO:

  1. How many subscribers does OVNIO currently have
    300,000 and growing. 60% of our subscriber base are located in the United States. 40% of our subscribers are located in 101 countries internationally.
  2. How much does it cost to lease a channel?
    The cost of leasing a channel varies depending on the amount of content the lease holder needs to house on his/her channel. There is a one time set up fee and a monthly maintenance fee.
  3. How many subscribers view a channel on a daily basis?
    Between 1200 to 7000 viewers on average depending on the time period and region.
  4. How does one make money from leasing a cable channel on OVNIO?

    There are several ways to make money and they are as follows:

    Lease Air time: Channel owners can lease air time to content providers for a fee. Content providers can pay to air their films, TV shows or infomercials. This service works well for content providers to air their programming to a broader audience on a world premier level.

    Pay-Per-View events: Channel owners can broadcast a pay-per-view event on their channel. We at OVNIO would provide the PPV user experience and the mechanism for viewers to pay for access of the live stream event ( in real-time ).

    Lease Commercial Time (Media Buys): Channel owners are encouraged to provide advertisers a custom channel rate card for advertisers to purchase commercial time during, before and after content (i.e. TV shows, webisodes, films) streams. Commercial time rates will vary depending on the region of the planet, time of broadcast, and the amount of potential viewers the content and /or channel attracts.

    On-Demand: Channel owners have the ability to charge OVNIO subscribers a fee to see each piece of content at any given time, specifically licensed to their channel (network). Fees for each piece of content may vary depending on the content deal and the region in which the content is being accessed from.

    Interactive Buy Now Service: Channel owners can sell merchandise and other goods and services by using our OVNIO Buy Now service. Channel owners are encouraged to structure deals with advertisers to use this service in order to re-direct OVNIO subscribers to the advertisers 3rd party website (in order to purchase). Channel owners are encouraged to make the advertisers give the network its very own discount promo code. This code is a marketing ploy that entices subscribers to purchase the advertisers good or services, in real time. The subscriber clicks the BUY NOW button housed in the OVNIO signature red remote and the advertisers or sponsors “store screen” appears bottom left of the screen. Subscribers can browse through the selections of goods/services within the same web window and continue to watch TV.

  5. Can the OVNIO subscriber DVR (digital video record) a TV show or film if they’ve missed it on the channel?
    No. The DVR feature is disabled for now. We will activate the DVR functionality soon. Please check back with us periodically.
  6. Can the OVNIO subscriber watch the channel while interacting with friends on a 3rd party social network?
    Yes. OVNIO allows the subscriber to click on between 10 -30 different popular social networks. Once the subscriber clicks-thru to their favorite social network from our TV GUIDE screen, the subscriber is instantly led to that social network home page. Some of the 3rd party social sites appear within the OVNIO web window and others lead the subscriber out of the OVNIO cable experience totally.
  7. Does the Channel holder split revenue with OVNIO, and if so how?
    Yes. The OVNIO principals negotiates with the channel holder revenue splits pertaining to ALL cable services and interactive services OVNIO technology provides. For example, media buys (if an advertiser purchases air time to stream a commercial on the channel), leasing air time, paper view purchases, interactive purchases (if a OVNIO subscriber purchases any goods or services on their channel), video on demand purchases, premium channel purchases (when the channel holder offers a premium channel service to the OVNIO subscriber for a fee (in conjunction with the channel holders existing cable channel), video game on demand purchases, in app purchases, buy now 3rd party ecommerce purchases, video conferencing (VoIP; when a subscriber pays OVNIO to make a call through the channels specialty promo campaign), and SMS purchases (when a subscriber pays OVNIO to send a text message through the channel specialty promo campaign).
  8. How many countries does OVNIO have subscribers in?
    105 countries and expanding.
  9. Does OVNIO provide a separate home page for the channel owner?
  10. Does OVNIO provide editing suites and pre-production services to the channel owner?
    No. At the moment we do not. We are cable provider not a studio house nor an editing facility.
  11. Does OVNIO negotiate on behalf of the channel holder to interested content partners, filmmakers, producers, and film studios?
    Yes. We at OVNIO take pride in our cutting edge platform and we are eager to assist our channel partners in need. However, we are very selective in our involvement depending on the scenario. Our experience has shown that our channel partners rarely need our executive staff to close content deals. Our door is always open.
  12. How should a channel owner choose the type of channel to launch on the OVNIO cable network. ( launching a LOOP channel to launching a scheduled channel can be thought provoking) ?
    We encourage our channel owners to start off with launching and maintaining a LOOP channel if they cannot fill up an entire month of content for the channel. A channel owner can launch a scheduled channel if he/she has scheduled programming lined up for the month and is seeking advertisers to purchase commercial time. Channel owners can stream a schedule broadcast on their LOOP channel.
  13. When launching a channel, how long does it take to see the channel up and running?
    Depending on the amount of content given to our OVNIO tech team (to prepare the content for broadcast) determines the launch time and date. Channel owners must give our tech team at least one full week to prepare the content for broadcast.
  14. Does OVNIO market channel owners cable channel throughout OVNIO social media accounts?
    Partially. We are not obligated to market our channel owners and their leased OVNIO channels. On occasion and at specialty events, we will market certain channels depending on the event, region and targeted demographic.
  15. Does OVNIO assist channel owners with marketing materials to market and promote their cable channel?
    No. We leave all marketing efforts and campaigns specifically up to the channel owner and his/her marketing team. OVNIO will proof materials on behalf of OVNIO being mentioned, technically speaking within channel owners marketing materials. That is mandatory to ensure the OVNIO technical brand message is being conveyed properly.
  16. Does OVNIO sponsor channel owner events unrelated to OVNIO business model(s)?
    No. We do not, whatsoever!
  17. Can channel owners purchase stock in OVNIO?
  18. Can subscribers under the age of 18 subscribe to OVNIO?
    Yes. When we launch our paid service to the planet, subscribers will need to be eighteen years and older in order to purchase an OVNIO subscription.